Paideia Times has been designed for ease of navigation (no-frills) on most digital platforms and we hope the new reader gives these “tips” a quick read to understand how easy navigating each issue of Paideia Times can be.


The cover page, which we’ve informally  dubbed the Table of Contents, has a list of the issue’s “Top Stories” and some two dozen story headlines – all the stories in the issue -- in an easy-to-read format, allowing the reader to quickly peruse the entire issue’s contents with little to no scrolling required (depending on your platform).


For more navigational convenience each top story has a link to the main story on that topic in the text section of the issue (with lists of sources and “further readings”) and each story headline in the table of contents has a similar link (“MORE”). Thus, the reader may jump directly to any story in the issue from the cover page. And, of equal navigational importance, the reader may also jump right back to the table of contents by clicking the convenient “To the Top” link.  Or, just read it “cover to cover.”


Have fun. And let us know if we can make it any easier.